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Advertisers Policy

1. Private Advertising is confined to transact used machinery only

Private Advertising is open to only users who are willing to transact used machinery. Any machinery dealers looking to transact new machinery are not supposed to use Private Advertising.

2. Make and Model fields must contain strictly relevant information

The Make and Model fields are to be filled only with relevant information when filling out the advertisement form. Any other additional information users like to provide must be provided under “Description”. For instance, then Caterpillar D6T tractor’s make is Caterpillar and model is D6T and these two entities alone should be filled in Make and Model fields strictly.

3. Length of machinery Description should exceed 100 characters

To offer comprehensive information to the buyers, we make it a point that any description you choose to input under Description section should at least be of 100 characters. The content being inputted should contain relevant information like condition of the machine, its overall working hours, any specific information about specific parts, and also the location.

4. Seller Contact information shouldn’t be provided under Description

As already clarified, the Description section is only for the technical details of the machinery and the information should be pertinent to it solely. Providing personal contact information like email address, contact telephone number, fax number etc (and anything else) can result in your private information being publicized. It will bar you from keeping a track of performance of your advertisement.

5. Keyword spamming is prohibited

The inputting content must be absolutely relevant to the transaction in question. No irrelevant input of keywords to attract buyers is entertained on the website.

6. Inclusion of an image is mandatory

Each advertisement posting mandates the inclusion of at least one image for informative purposes. It is to be noted that the more the number of images in an advertisement, more the chances of the advertisement being able to yield leads.

7. Images of actual machinery is expected

Relevance should be maintained in the images being uploaded onto an advertisement. Only the images of original machinery that is up for sale should be uploaded. Computer generated images, icons, logos, irrelevant images etc are prohibited strictly.

8. Contents of advertisements must be relevant

No irrelevant posting is entertained in any of the advertisements. The contents of an advertisement are supposed to be accurately relevant to the machinery being put up for sale. Following are the types of irrelevances that can happen and thus, avoided:

  1. Improper postage of ads in incorrect categories

  2. Wrong, misconstrued and misleading keywords in Title & Description

  3. Inaccuracy in location being mentioned


9. Offensive language & Profanity strictly prohibited

MachineGlobe under any circumstances do not entertain any usage of offensive language & profanity in ad listings on its website. Such usage not only deters our branding but also diminishes your ad’s visibility and thus any leads.

10. Third Party Infringements are strictly prohibited

Advertising placers are not supposed to infringe the intellectual property of any third party in their advertisements on MachineGlobe’s website. Following are the probable but not the only possibilities of third party infringement:

  1. Using any third party’s icon or logo or brand image for identification of machinery on the advertisement being placed on MachineGlobe’s site.

  2. Illegitimately outsourcing a third party’s product or its imitation to list/sell of MachineGlobe by placing an advertisement.

11. Number of videos per advertisement is limited to one

The facility to input videos of machinery on an advertisement is limited to one. The video must and should be relevant to the machinery being listed for sale. Each video is confined to only one product. No copying of a single video for multiple ads is allowed.

12. Availability of machinery listed on the advertisement

Any machinery that is listed on the advertisement by its placer should be readily disposable in case of any buyer looking forward to the purchase. If there’s any delay in procuring the product from another location or any unavailability of stock, the same should be mentioned clearly in the Description section.

13. One advertisement – one machine

One advertisement is permitted to portray only one machine. A single ad slot cannot be utilized to advertise multiple machines; unless they are of same make & model.

14. Relevance is the key

MachineGlobe has strictly limited itself to B2B sales of the related machinery and expects its advertisement placers to be aware of the mode of business. Any non-related advertising placements will be duly removed.

15. Response to Buyer Queries

The responsibility of responding to the queries posted by potential buyers within 48 hours of their posting lies with the ad placers. This steadfastness is likely to promote sales for the ad placers. Failing to do so compels MachineGlobe to remove such ads and list them under “Not Available”products.

16. Advertisement redundancy is not entertained

Any machine sold via MachineGlobe’s advertising platform must be removed from the ad listing as soon as possible. This will ensure that the ad listings are not redundant and keep up with buyers’ requirements.

17. Adverts must comply with Indian Advertising Laws

18. Advertisement duplication is prohibited

Trying to post multiple ads for a single machine that is available for sale is strictly prohibited. Ad placers may think that this may increase their visibility but it eventually results in spamming by the respective search engines. MachineGlobe warns to delete permanently such duplicated ads if they are not rectified by their respective placers in time. If you are looking to place advertisement for multiple machines to be sold, you can choose “Stock Number” and input the number of units you are looking to dispose.