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Excavator 2011

Auction Price Rs. 2000000/- /

Current Bid Rs. 2,000,000/-

Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader

Auction Price Rs. 2200000/- /

Current Bid Rs. 5,000,000/-

Excavator 2009

Auction Price Rs. 1200000/- /

Current Bid Rs. 1,200,000/-


If you are planning to sell your equipment and searching for convenient and hassle-free way, then you can benefit from the convenience and surety of MachineGlobe Auction, where you can sell your equipment with ease. Here at MachineGlobe, you have:

Local service, global market reach- where you can reach buyers from around the world and achieve the best possible & relevant results.

Experience and expertise- you benefit from our wealth of experience, expertise and global market knowledge.

Flexible contract options- All our customers have unique needs and priorities, we can tailor a contract to meet your needs with guarantee and outright purchase contract options.

Unparalleled marketing- Our global marketing efforts are designed to reach the broadest audience of potential buyers and for your assets.

• Full-service auctions- When you are selling your equipment at MachineGlobe, you can save your time, money and effort as we will take care of all the details including-marketing your assets, providing secure storage, coordinating any necessary refurbishing, coordinating with potential buyers, conducting a professional sale and arranging collection of the proceeds.